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About one-quarter of the state is made up of Indian Reservations that serve as the home of a number of Native American tribes.

The name of the state appears to originate from an earlier Spanish name, Arizonac, derived from the O'odham name alĭ ṣonak, meaning “small spring”, which initially applied only to an area near the Mexican silver mining camp of Planchas de Plata, Sonora.

Nearly two billion years of the Earth's history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut through layer after layer of sediment as the Colorado Plateaus have uplifted.

Arizona is home to one of the most well-preserved meteorite impact sites in the world.

This is supported by the fact that that area is still known as alĭ ṣonak in the O'odham language.

Another possible origin is the Basque phrase haritz ona (“the good oak”).

Arizona is noted for its desert climate in its southern half, with very hot summers and mild winters.

Arizona is the sixth largest state by area, after New Mexico and before Nevada.

The Grand Canyon is a colorful, steep-sided gorge, carved by the Colorado River, in northern Arizona.

The canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is largely contained in the Grand Canyon National Park—one of the first national parks in the United States.

The crater itself is nearly 1 mile (1.6 km) wide, and 570 feet (170 m) deep.

Arizona is one of two states that does not observe Daylight Saving Time (the other being Hawaii), except in the Navajo Nation, located in the northeastern region of the state.

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