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Men watching way too much porn and gradually believing that to have good sex, they have to have a big penis and give her pornstar style sex.

TV shows and movies depicting women (for the sake of entertainment) reacting angrily if a guy shows sexual interest and then virgin guys thinking that women will behave like that in real life.

Unlike us human males, a lion has to fight and sometimes kill another lion to take over the pack and territory so he can then breed with the female(s).

As a human man, you simply have to walk over and talk to women and if you’re able to get her attracted by displaying confidence, social intelligence and masculinity, then she is not only going to be interested in having sex with you, but she’ll most-likely want to be your girlfriend or wife.

After you’ve had sex, she’ll fall in love with you (if you’re a confident guy and make her feel how she wants to feel emotionally), regardless of whether you were a virgin before her or not.

If however, he is still a virgin because of fear of failure or not being good enough, then the issues stem deeper than just his virginity.

Women will detect his fear and tension when they interact with him and it will make them unable to relax and open up to him sexually.

It’s too late when you have left it so long that it has become a serious issue for you and is affecting you psychologically.

Being soft around women: Contrary to what many guys think, being the soft, gentle, unassuming nice guy won’t get him far with women.

Women like guys who are mentally and emotionally strong and secure and if a guy plays “nice” all the time, putting her on a pedestal and allowing her to dominate him, then she will lose interest and look for a stronger guy who will naturally make her feel more girly.

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Often, guys are still a virgin late into their 20s, 30s or even 40s because of some (or all) of the following reasons: Lack of self confidence: Many guys lack confidence when they find themselves in the presence of a beautiful woman.

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