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At the time, the firm promised that it would quickly update this new Outlook app so that it could remove previous mobile apps like OWA and from Google Play Store and App Store, and consolidate around this one app.But to do so, Outlook would need to pick up some missing features.After you install the app, you'll see it listed in your Application drawer labeled Backup Contacts. For instance, you might want to link all the employees of a specific department. You can add eight total contacts (the first spot is dedicated to Voice Mail).Tap that application, agree to the license, and you'll see the main window (Figure A), where you can: Backup Now, View Your CSV Contact List, Upload To Dropbox, or Send To Email. To do this, open one of those contacts and scroll down to the bottom. Tap the number for which you want to add a contact. In my opinion, the ability to manage and organize contacts on Android devices makes the platform an even more attractive option for business power users. And while parts of Microsoft seem to stumble badly every time they make a promise, the firm’s new Outlook team has had no problem keeping up a blistering pace when it comes to updating their mobile app for Android and i OS.And this week, it’s delivered another great set of updates.This will save you from fumbling around on your mobile phone's keyboard to try to arrange, categorize, create, edit, and delete those contacts.

The original app was essentially a rebranded version of Acompli, which Microsoft had purchased in December 2014.Figure A When you export the contacts using Backup Contacts, that CSV file will be saved on the root of your SD card. Tap the section labeled Linked Contacts (Figure C) and then tap the Add Link Contact button. Figure C The next two features I'll highlight — Directional Swiping and Speed Dialing — are unique to the Samsung Captivate line of phones. Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for Tech Republic and The file that is saved to your CSV card will be named Backup. TODAYS_DATE.csv; TODAYS_DATE is the date the contacts were saved. Figure B The Groups tab also includes all social media accounts you have authenticated on your phone. On the next screen, find the contact you want to link, and it will be linked. Directional Swiping From your Contacts application, the Directional Swiping feature allows you to quickly phone or message a contact depending upon which way you swipe that contact. He’s an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert.With that file on your SD card, you can mount the SD card, copy the file to your PC, and then import that file into your Google account contacts. Follow these steps to assign a contact to a group: 1. If you swipe the target contact to the right, you place a phone call; if you swipe the target contact to the left, you send an SMS message. For more news about Jack Wallen, visit his website This method does not convert the contacts on your phone to Google contacts, so you might find some duplicate entries in your contacts. This feature is incredibly handy and should be made available to all Android phones. Jack Wallen is an award-winning writer for Tech Republic and

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Groups allow you to sort, search, and find your contacts much easier.

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