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Colonial-era Capes were most prevalent in the Northeastern United States and Atlantic Canada.They were made of wood, and covered in wide clapboard or shingles, often unpainted, which weathered grey over time.The comparatively rare quarter cape is a single bay, usually a wider "outside" bay that would become rooms.It has a single door and a single window on the front, but is full depth.The style has a symmetrical appearance with front door in the center of the house, and a large central chimney that could often accommodate back-to-back fireplaces.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a popular weekend getaway spot on the East Coast, and with good reason.

The half Cape is two bays, with a door to one side of the house and two windows on one side of the door; the three-quarter Cape has a door with two windows on one side and a single window on the other, while the full Cape consists of a front door in the center of the home, flanked on each side by two windows.

Otherwise, the three categories of early Cape Cod houses were nearly identical in layout.

A few late examples of early capes used stud framing, and plank frame was also used.

The first Cape Cod houses fall into four categories: the quarter, half, three-quarter, and full Cape.

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