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And even if everything goes perfectly and you do fall in love, communication is the key to every successful relationship.So if you fail to continue expanding your vocabulary and stop learning the language on your own, the relationship may quickly grow stale and fizzle out.

Plus, falling in love with a Finnish man or woman dramatically increases your motivation to learn compared to students with no romantic attachments to a native speaker.In any other culture, that's like saying to your date, "Well I guess I'm not getting lucky tonight. ;) Finnish guys just weren't as attentive of women, and open and flirty as my American was, how can you not love that?I could go on and on how great this books is, and erm, how accurate in that cliché kinda way, but I suppose I'll just have to stop and let you go get your copy - and do get one even if you are a Finn, I haven't laughed throughout a book in ages!Talking about absolutely everything that is a cliché in Finland, this book is something that even I cringe at at times ( Ummm, guilty. She's convinced you that Finland is heaven on earth and you should move there.So there's truths there too, but the way they're told is so funny you end up being proud to be a Finn after reading the book, of course I can be bit bias as I got an American to follow me to Finland. Since you're not doing much with your life at the moment, and your not going to get a girl of this caliber in your hometown, you figure "screw it", why not migrate? Yes, Finland is cold and the winters are long, but he also gives great examples on what’s great about Finland, like every year you get mandatory 5 weeks of holiday, of which most people Have-To take 4 in July and one in the middle of winter.

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