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During spring, this part of Arizona is sometimes the hottest place in the whole USA, and even in winter, daytime temperatures can reach 80°F.The nearest major towns with hotels close to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument are Casa Grande (22 miles), Chandler (30 miles) and Marana (45 miles) - follow the links for hotel descriptions, photographs and reservations.Casa Grande is a heritage-listed villa at Nettle Street, Mount Isa, City of Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia.It was designed by Donoghue, Cusick & Edwards and built in 1949.Outside are a number of large specimens of desert plants, including the ubiquitous saguaro, and also a shady picnic area with an entertaining ground squirrel population.A door at the back of the visitor center leads to the Casa Grande itself, at the middle of a rectangular area that used to be a walled compound containing several other smaller buildings (see QTVR).It is believed that the Casa Grande functioned partly as an astronomical observatory since the four walls face the points of the compass, and some of the windows are aligned to the positions of the sun and moon at specific times.

However, besides the protective canopy, the interior contains other modern items such as re-enforcing beams, metal ladders and measuring devices on the walls, all contributing to the slightly unnatural scene.

It was a "grand house", designed by the prominent Brisbane firm of Donoghue, Cusick and Edwards, but reflecting the influence of Kruschnitt's time spent in both Arizona and Mexico.

Kruttschnitt, with a background of developing mines in America for ASARCO's mining department, had taken on the challenge in 1930, of revitalising the ailing Mount Isa Mine at a time when the company was unable to meet outstanding financial commitments.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument contains an imposing 4-storey building dating from the late Hohokam period, probably 14th century and contemporary with other well preserved ruins in Arizona such as the Tonto and Montezuma Castle monuments.

It is situated in the flat plain of central Arizona in between the Gila and Santa Cruz rivers, just north of Coolidge and about 15 miles from the larger town of Casa Grande.

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The present cover replaced an earlier wooden construction in 1932.

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