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For those under the age of 18, legal age laws dictate certain rights and responsibilities of minors.Louisiana Age Statutes The basics of Louisiana legal ages laws are highlighted in the following chart. 367) Age limits for marrying and other legal acts can change from state to state.As a result, it is generally not possible to evade a state's age of consent rules by travelling to a different state. A victim of a dating partner, as defined in Subsection B, shall be eligible to receive all services, benefits, and other forms of assistance provided by Chapter 28 of this Title. For purposes of this Section, “dating partner” means any who is or has been in a social relationship of a romantic or intimate nature with the victim and where the existence of such a relationship shall be determined based on a consideration of the following factors: (1) The length of the relationship. (3) The frequency of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship. For purposes of this Section, “dating violence” includes but is not limited to physical or sexual abuse and any offense against the person as defined in the Criminal Code of Louisiana, except negligent injury and defamation, committed by one dating partner against the other. In the absence of agreement, or if the agreement is not in the best interest of the child, the court shall award custody to the parents jointly; however, if custody in one parent is shown by clear and convincing evidence to serve the best interest of the child, the court shall award custody to that parent.The court shall consider all relevant factors in determining the best interest of the child.Such factors may include:[Based on Louisiana Civil Code - Articles 132 and 134]CHILD SUPPORT: Louisiana uses the "Incomes Shares" model to determine child support, meaning that the level of support is calculated using the combined adjusted gross incomes of both parents.

If you engage in sexual activity with a minor who is under the Louisiana Age of Consent of 17, you can be prosecuted under Louisiana sexual abuse laws and charged with crimes ranging from sexual assault to first degree rape, regardless of whether or not the sexual acts were consensual.Depending on the charges, conviction can carry penalties ranging from one to fifty years in prison and registration as a sex offender .In most states, the travel or transportation of a minor over state lines with the intention of engaging in sexual activity is in itself a severe misdemeanor or felony.[Based on Louisiana Civil Code - Article 42 and CCP Article 10] [Based on Louisiana Civil Code - Articles 103 and 103.1 and Louisiana Revised Statutes - RS 7]MEDIATION OR COUNSELING REQUIREMENTS: Upon an affirmative showing that the facts and circumstances of the particular case before the court warrant such an order, a court exercising jurisdiction over family matters may require the parties in a custody or visitation proceeding to attend and complete a court-approved seminar designed to educate and inform the parties of the needs of the children.[Based on Louisiana Revised Statutes - RS 6]PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION: Louisiana is a community property state, meaning that property and debts acquired during the marriage shall be split equally, unless the parties reach an agreement independent of a court ruling.

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With a thriving Mardi Gras culture and 24-hour partying in the French Quarter, it is important to know the legal age requirements in a state like Louisiana.

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