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What we hadn't counted on was that Patrick had shipped a number of items for the house, including several original works of art which could "most definitely not ride in the bed of a truck." And while we could fit them in the back seat, they left very little room.

* * * * As I said, Patrick was a conservative man and had been adamant that Magda and Andrew would not sleep together while under his roof, explaining that I, as the adult, was responsible for making sure they did not until he arrived.

The plan was for the five of us - me, Patrick, Jasmine, her son Andrew, and his live-in girl friend Magda - to spend a week at a house Patrick owned on a lake in Northern Arizona.

It was a sort of get-to-know-you gathering; Patrick and Jasmine's courtship had been intense and short; we learned about the marriage by e-mail.

However, Patrick and Jasmine's arrival had been delayed by last minute hic-ups in a subdivision deal he was closing.

For this reason Andrew, Magda, and I, who had arrived at the cabin two days before, had driven back to Flagstaff to meet Patrick and Jasmine at the airport.

Little doubt what they'd been doing and the rule was no sex in the house; Patrick has said nothing about islands.

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