Drupal aggregator not updating

Status: Actively maintained Description: core module that parses / aggregates feeds as non-nodes.Current status: Boris Mann: I've spoken with Dries and he's willing to look at improvements to core aggregator...someone needs to spend dedicated time evolving it (if the goal is to have functionality in core).Version: Drupal 6.22 For whatever reason Cron will stop working occasionally on a site.The symptoms can vary, in some browsers it loads the custom 404 error page, and in IE it actually went to a white screen but the aggregator data was not being updated.Gets the HTTP response headers of the requested page.

So the node_template was created to allow admin to setup most of the things on template, without a need to put them into feed edit page.

Both ways (agg2 and node_template) are not perfect.

Best would be if Drupal had some API for "automatically generating new nodes", but it doesn't.

If we had data separated (like: each module defines of data it attaches to nodes, defines type of variables, etc...) we wouldn't have to define huge form API arrays (they could be generated automatically, unless special things were required by module) and we could allow setting access rights to data (ie.

user A can view images attached to node, but can't edit them, even if he can edit rest of the node).

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