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The most visited feature of any plenty more fish in the sea dating website would be the forum where any and every topic on dating is discussed.

These features have since become an avenue of ideas, issues, romantic exchange, flirting and meeting people.

This information is based on marlin caught on a fishing line — the marlin is said to be able to strip line off a reel at a rate of 120 feet per second, which would mean the fish is swimming 80 miles per hour.

This page lists the marlin (genus) as capable of leaping at 50 mph.

Wahoo ​grow to a maximum length of about 8 feet, but they are more commonly about 5 feet long.

The wahoo's maximum speed is said to be around 48 mph.

All these superlatives could be attributed to the quality meetings of the members of these online dating services where earlier members now enjoy a stable relationship or have been married.Swordfish are a popular seafood and another fast-leaping species, although their speed is not well-known.A calculation supposedly determined that they could swim at 60 mph, and some findings claim speeds of 130 kilometers per hour, which is about 80 mph.The question of the world's fastest fish is a tricky one.It isn't very easy to measure the speed of fish, whether they are wild fish out on the open ocean, a fish on your line, or a fish in a tank.

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