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Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set).

ASCII defined 127 different alphanumeric characters that could be used on the internet: numbers (0-9), English letters (A-Z), and some special characters like ! ANSI (Windows-1252) was the original Windows character set, with support for 256 different character codes.

Today’s main limitations will be overcome using the latest available ICT technologies in a holistic way, including High Performance Computing, Advanced Visualization, Cloud Computing, Smart Analytics, Decision Support Systems and Big Data with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

EASE-R3 Selection of the best maintenance strategy including decommissioning, such as Renovation, Repair, Re-use, according to the minimization of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) related parameters.

Fidia is strongly involved in public co-funded research activities.

Knowledge about process variability and successful adaptation are extracted by the AIMACS system, decomposed into Knowledge Atoms, recombined for new machining tasks and applied in choice of parameters.

Iterative learning and dynamic parametrization are applied to achieve continuous improvement with each manufactured piece.

Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site appeals more to users who browse from school; its audience also tends to consist of childless men over the age of 35 who have postgraduate educations.

Visitors to this site view an average of 39.6 unique pages per day.

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