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After 3 or so kisses, introduce a soft bite that will make her giggle and squeal a bit, sending tingles through her body, she will become more playful at this point (and turned on).Move back up slightly to the earlobes and begin kissing her earlobes and kind of sucking at the same time, but in a very soft and sexual way.

You want the tempo to build a little bit her and the breathing will sharpen that tempo, she will pickup on this and maybe let out a few groans. Kiss slowly and softly around the areola part of the nipple, you can also lick lightly here too.Contact us for items to excite and entice those erogenous zones! Communicate with your partner — ask them what they like, learn what makes them feel electrified.#Pink Passion Divas #Wisdom Wednesday #Erogenous Zones #Touch #Feel #Caress #massage #Kiss #Couples #Lovers #friendswithbenefits #sexy #Orgasm A post shared by Pink Passion Diva™ • Must Be 18 (@pinkpassiondivaent) on As a video posted to You Tube channel Sexplanations states, the average foreplay time is 13 minutes. Enjoy the entire experience, without setting sights on a particular outcome, other than to have fun.Moving down, you should be in the boobies area now. Spend a good minute on the one boob, before kissing your way over to the next boob. Now you’ve reached the area that will seriously get her worked up until the point where she will be begging you put it in.After a minute or so on that one, move your way to the stomach area. By the way if she does beg you, ignore her and say “no..” then continue with the rest of the teasing.

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