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There are plenty of places to get buches (fried chicken necks), and it’s home to El Zacas, a local haunt where it’s OK to buy and smoke weed with your after-hours beer.It’s good to know some of the border rhythms, especially if you’re cross-border cruising with a standard passport and aren’t part of a trusted traveler program like Global Entry or SENTRI.Jackie Bryant is a food and travel writer based in San Diego who is best described as a human Roomba: eating and drinking everything she bumps into.Originally from New York, her favorite things about life in her adopted city are border-hopping, practicing yoga in exceptionally beautiful locations, becoming a beer snob, and living at the beach. Nobody’s a fan in Tijuana, but they’re also sick of Americans asking them questions like “How they feel about Donald Trump” or “Do you guys hate Americans now? And besides, Mexico has a lot of other problems to deal with. They were in poor taste then, and they’re even worse now, considering the city has changed a lot (and gringos were responsible for the goings-on of much of Tijuana’s seedier side, anyway). Many people in Tijuana are rightly nervous about immigration and NAFTA, yes, but they’re mostly just happy Trump’s not their president.A British artist has self-published spoof photographs of Donald Trump, despite being told the next President of the United States could take legal action against her.Alison Jackson, who uses lookalikes to make work commenting on the “cult of celebrity” and the deceptive nature of many images, said she was warned against publishing the satirical photographs by her lawyers.

"I mean I’m sure he has a pop-up podium which pops up everytime he sees a camera.Friday and Saturday nights after midnight are a nightmare, as are Sunday afternoons and evenings.But also know that just because a particular time isn’t in a known “danger zone” doesn’t mean you won’t randomly encounter a mind-numbingly horrific border wait. Caesar’s on Revolución serves the famous and delicious salad that was invented there during Prohibition.The boutique hotel One Bunk, an art-house movie theater with rooftop bar and restaurant called Cine Tonalá, an upscale interior design shop called Casa Duhagón, artisanal coffee at Container Coffee, and the brewery/tasting room Teorema/Ludica are all recent additions to La Revu. But they’re here for now, as they have been for the past 100 years, so if you need that picture, go for it.Whether you’re visiting the upscale, fine art gallery of La Caja, touring the street murals in Pasaje Rodriguez, or admiring some of the city’s new modern architecture, it’s clear that style reigns supreme in this border city.

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