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I hope you interpret the signs of the next girl you see the right way.I also hope that you are going to fuck her the whole night, instead of forcing her to destroy another vibrator.No matter if a woman stands in front of you or sits next to you, as soon as her instincts tell her brain that sexual reproduction with you is a great idea, her posture will automatically change.I call this The Feminine Mode First, she crosses her legs.The next time you do this you should have a closer look on how her posture changes as soon as you give her a compliment.If she does the tits out, ass out move you can confidently assume that she is attracted to you and that she wants you to know that she feels this way.Instead of having an unforgettable night of passion and lust with a girl who clearly showed you more than once that she wants you, you both spend the night alone.

Even though the two chicks in the video are totally annoying, I have to admit that they mention quite a few signals that I also talk about.

This is the very moment where you deserve a slap in the face.

In case you have done this last week in the club, you can now allow yourself a couple of minutes of being angry at yourself.

They do this because they hope that you turn around and start to talk to them.

Oh, and in case she touches your back while she is standing behind you, you can be 100% sure that she wants you.

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She takes her vibrator out of the cupboard and starts to masturbate while she thinks about the passionate sex that she could have had with you.

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