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For some observers, it might be a shock to picture that Terra can tangle with the big guys too!

An actual scientist with a background in physics who switched focus from lab work to jiu-jitsu, Eddie Cummings' analytical mind has seen him become one of the most feared no-gi grapplers thanks to his savage leglocks.

More powerful hitters see fewer fastballs, and fewer strikes.

Less powerful hitters see more fastballs, and more strikes.

Press release via | The UAEJJF 2017 Rio Grand Slam black belt finals are pure fire.When you step up to the plate in the bottom of the ninth with the game on the line, these fierce ditties are sure to strike mortal fear (or at least serious confusion) into the heart of the opposing pitcher.You can learn a lot about a hitter by the way he gets pitched to. You could of course go deeper than this, but fastball rate tells you something about fear. If someone keeps getting fastballs in the zone, the pitchers probably aren’t afraid.Nicknamed the "scientist" due to his thick glasses, this computer science graduate is both a highly educated professional as well as a high-performing jiu-jitsu world champion.The ultra heavyweight gentle giant is a champion in UAEJJF World Pro and Grand Slam events, meaning he's got brains and brawn.

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Now if you actually want to eat eggs that are relatively unadulterated (i.e.

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