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I can visually identify a bad circuit component if it is visibly detectable, the only anomoly I noted was that all my capacitors located around my cpu were bloated and there was a minute amount of orange residue on the tops of each one, 8 total, which screams bad capacitors to me and essentially makes sense, due that the bios are loaded through the cmos battery and not your standard 120vac - cpu, so I ordered 10 6.3v 2200 microfarad discharge capacitors and de-soldered the blown ones, and am currently awaiting my new ones.

once they arrive and I solder them in ill let you know if the problem is solved.

You saved my day and a visit to the service shop money, of course! The first thing to rule out is overheating (CPU, motherboard, hard drive or power supply) then I would check for bad memory (if you have two modules - swap them out for testing) then I would test with another power supply only after I have checked ALL of these would I think it was the Motherboard.

Good Luck I believe it is because the video card changed resolution.

I've tried two monitors on it and two different vid cards, I've unplugged and rearranged the RAM, and still nothing.

Also, for some reason, when it starts up, the DVD drive keeps acting like it wants to spin, and just keeps clicking away.

The incomplete/faulty installation of Microsoft Windows Updates can cause the Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system to crash.

Back up your files before your reinstall the system as reinstall might destroy everything on your hard drive.I had two displays, working removed one still working. I tried repair and getting into safe mode on Xp with no luck it goes straight to windows Xp and obtain a black screen instead of my desktop.The lcd monitor says no digital signal and turns off. Also read online about not using a usb keyboard, but don't see how that helps, but will try. I got an irq conflict blue screen error and while the pc was dumping info to memory it got stuck at 5%.If you are not sure how to install right drivers, you can use Driver Easy to help you.Driver Easy will help update the drivers automatically.

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It always provide the right drivers to ensure your PC always remain safe.

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