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‘I was racking my brains to try to work out what it could be for and phoned them up and demanded they tell me.

They checked my account and said that by signing up for the present to be delivered for free the next day, I had signed up for Amazon Prime.’Amazon Prime — to which it costs £79 a year to subscribe — provides unlimited one-day delivery on Amazon products, plus digital photo storage and free access to films and TV programmes that can be watched over the internet.‘I told them I hadn’t meant to sign up and that I didn’t want it,’ says Kirsten, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

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This means that money will continue to be taken every year by Amazon until a member cancels.

But what many don’t realise — despite what Amazon says about sending anyone who signs up an email explaining the fact — is that the onus is then on them to cancel at the end of the free period.

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Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

Love Film had cost £5.99 a month so, added to the £49 for Amazon Prime, the combined cost would have been roughly £120 annually.

Therefore, the £79 charge could be seen as a ‘saving’ of £41 a year. They complained at the time they didn’t want access to the streaming service and questioned why Amazon couldn’t offer different tiers of Prime membership according to what they actually wanted.

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