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just give some time for the software to optimize for the hardware and apple users will be screaming along with the rest of the world, again. well, i can see where academics, scientists, and pros (graphics pros, video editors, publishing houses, cad/cam houses etc) could use these, but not me. in the case of detected non-conformance, a penalty should be asserted of ~75% in the benchmark results. in the case of apple using the single threaded malloc library, this should be detected as non-compliant and a punishment incurred. – by hodar good for apple (am est wed jun 25 2003)in a few years something else will be the fastest. the company that did the testing did the tests both with hyperthreading on and off and the bench numbers are higher with hyperthreading off.isn't it time the big ones started fine-tuning their oses for lean mean machines like the pint-sized mini-itx platform, small, fanless, unobtrusive – and offered these monsters for those few who actually could use the clock cycles? perhaps if companies have a good beating done when they cheat then explain to the consumers why thier benchmarks are comparable to a 10 yr old machine, this crap will stop. dell also turns hyperthreading off on these tests because of this. where they have run this discussion into the ground. the 9 fans aren't there because the system is incredibly hot, they are there to lower fan volume.if you have more fans they don't have to spin as quickly and the overall system noise is diminished.also apple created 4 heat zones which they can control fairly separately by using more fans. – by dontjumptoconclusioni don't think anyone understands benchmarks.i took a look at the specifics of the veritest report, comparisons at amdzone and spl's soapbox, and a cnet article (thanks to manu for some of the links).i'm thinking that apple might have done better not to try and bang on the drum by saying the dual 2ghz power mac g5 was the fastest and just focus on what the company is doing best: delivering a faster mac with some really nice future potential.– by the lightthis benchmark discussion has been beaten to death.

here is the relevant quote from the veritest report: “installed a high performance, single threaded malloc library. as a force it dosnt matter.faster doesn't always mean better comparing os's open source or not.congrats mac people that new machine is a truely remarkable acheivement.i hope it gets amd developing faster :) – by amd lover to joswiak, ht was disabled in the specint and specfp base tests because it yielded higher scores than when ht was enabled.this library implementation is geared for speed rather than memory efficiency and is single-threaded which makes it unsuitable for many uses. when you get in the real world speed is only half of the issue, uptime is the other half of the equation.special provisions are made for very small allocations (less than 4 bytes).”(page 5, also see appendix e, page 26, veritest pdf)” apple also disabled hypertreading on multi-processor set ups, despite the fact that this would have dramatically increased preformance on the “rate” benchies. if you are missing either of those in a buisiness enviroment it equals a really unhappy user or customer.

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i doubt apple users would go wrong in having the g5. both do what i need them to and i will be getting a new g5 and the new p5 when it comes out in sept. both do what i need them to and i will be getting a new g5 and the new p5 when it comes out in sept.

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