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However, company policy and culture, vendor strategy, vaguely worded contracts, and resistance to change are the real barriers to change to tactical procurement thinking.Listening to key stakeholders and understanding their variety of needs was also fundamental to my success.Working in the government sector, I see that public procurement continues to use dated tactical procurement tools with an overly narrow focus on price.Although change is happening slowly, governments are beginning to recognize that implementing more strategic public supply operations can offer value creation beyond low price.At the beginning, it seemed that every time I tried something related to food, I was told it can’t be done.Therefore, an early step was to focus on researching the facts.Value can also be created through regional economic development, job creation, and innovation.

Strategic use of this procurement tool with growers has successfully allowed the City of Thunder Bay to work with farmers to place many forward food buys for crops like carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and zucchini.

For example, while long-term care residents and their families wanted taste and nutrition in their menus, food services needed to work within budgets and regional growers wanted assurance of supply and control over their product quality.

By blending rigorous research and careful listening, we developed and adopted a procurement tool from the commodity and energy sector called hedging or forward buying.

Sustain Ontario estimates the multiplier effect for every dollar spent on local food has returns of up to 2.6 times.

Social and sustainable procurement is also gaining momentum as championed by leaders such as Canada’s supply chain expert Larry Berglund and social procurement advisor Sandra Hamilton.

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This included reading policy documents such as the Ontario Long Term Care Act, Ministry of Health Guidelines, internal and international trade agreements, procurement case law and much more.

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