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'"I for one enjoy dressing in panties and lingerie.Sometimes I wear it because I do enjoy being with another man or woman and playing the role of the "girl" although I would never pass for one lol.My husband will be ordered to service me during playtime, you must watch. Then a gf of mine turned up one day with some sexy lingerie and stockings. but, wold love to some day My deepest fantasy is to serve as a maid at a dinner party dressed, of course, as a french maid and all of the guest are fully dressed in formal evening wear.After getting me dressed in a basque with matching panties and stockings. It was some time later that I bought a selection of lingerie and started dressing occasionally. I have a smaller penis, he liked the way it lookedt in the panties. I would be wearing the ultra-short little maid's uniform that would show just a hint of my panties, a bustiere, sexy nylons, and stiletto heels.I need a man to take me to his place and use me all night like sissy gurl whore.5'6" cutie--some love handles but cute but and nice legs. I like to dress in short skirts and love to wear stockings. Older guy, 66 but you wouldn't know it if you met me. We are lively and creative, she is kinky and loves to play, and he loves to look provocative as possible in heels and skirt.

When all the other people had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels.

Conversely, I also have no problem being the "man" during sex either.

I have yet to cum without my dick being touched, although one day I hope to achieve that feat.

I always wear a short tight skirt, silky panties, silky stockings or pantyhose and slutty heels.. I will be directing the action between you and my husband ONLY.

You will be expected to suck his cock, swallow his cum, and he will be forced to do the same to you.

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Submissive sissy CD gurl is looking for a Top Alpha Male who loves a sissy fem guy in lingerie and heels and dressed like a slutty girl. I have some lady's lingerie and stockings and love my 4 inch heels. If she wants me to suck, I will happily suck him or her. I like to dress up and feel femme, but I enjoy being a husband and a dad and don't want a sex change operation or anything, it's just something kinky that I like to do. I would love to be fucked hard in all my holes by 10 guys while my husband watches wearing my panties. My husband likes to wear my panties around the house and it turns me on and gets me really horny and gets my pussy wet.

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