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Progress in the club’s development is inextricably linked with the name of its commander, Mikhail Ermakov.

Today the yacht club has infrastructure: There is the Seven Feet restaurant, the Old Captain English bar, the Sail outdoor terrace, a shop selling yachting equipment called Real Man, and the club hosts the annual Boat Show and exhibition.

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There is traveling to all the corners of the world and gardening among my favorite occupations. Running and swimming help me to keep good sportive shape and make my mood better.The Seven Feet Yacht Club and Maritime State University’s Navigator Yacht Club, are both more famous, have a long history, a significant number of yachtsmen, and a sound financial base.This is the largest club in the Russian Far East by membership: More than 400 adult yachtsmen and more than a hundred students in the children’s sailing school.Today the yacht club consists of about 100 people; mostly teachers, staff, and university students.In addition to the club, the School of Yachting has been operating since 2012, training young sailors. Club membership is tied to the state educational institution, which in this case is Maritime State University.

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