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“You don’t have to make a big deal of it when the time is right." When Stern proposed Downey have a lunch date with Broderick and Parker, the Oscar nominee was game. “Maybe I’ll bring (my wife) Susan.” “Would you mind coming just to kind of mediate the whole thing? “It would be a natural extension seeing as you’re a part of the conversation.” The radio host agreed, adding, “I won’t shut up during it.” ON A MOBILE DEVICE? The Hollywood dating pool is very small and there are many celebrity couples constantly in the spotlight, but not all.

it really got him thinking about the nature of relationships:"You know, the funny thing, too, is you always have a perception of somebody that you spent a big chunk of your life with and I think it's typical..the further you get away from that in your new relationship, you [unintentionally] taint your perception of the person." "Seeing her I was like, 'She's so great and so cool and so funny and so in command,'" he continued.

Parker, 28, bristles at being misquoted recently in articles that say she is disappointed in the film; actually, she hasn’t even seen it.

She will say that making it ”was a tough experience.

“I’ll make a point of trying to see her while I’m here,” he said, referring to New York City, where Parker lives with her husband and children. “I just want to check in for a few minutes,” he added.

“I’d like to.” “Don’t you think Matthew Broderick will be upset? “I love Matthew Broderick.” The King of All Media then put him on the spot by asking if Downey had ever had salacious thoughts about his ex, to which he jokingly responded, “No, I’d have to ask Matthew’s permission.” Downey then attempted to wriggle away from Stern’s invasive line of questioning by reiterating his appreciation of the celebrity couple.

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